Ready to Go?

Empowering Tech Startups in Africa.

We are seeking for impactful partnership with Venture Capital Firms, Angels Network, Investors, Venture Builders and other key startup enablers, to increase our capacity in empowering and growing tech startups that are using their business to achieve both social and economic impact in Africa and beyond.

Areas for Partnership

We have highlighted some areas for partnership below;

  • 01

    Invest in Ennovate Ventures

    Invest in Ennovate Venture Fund as LP, to join our vision of supporting 100 tech startups by 2022.
  • 02

    Join our investors network

    To access a well curated pool of innovative startups on our digital marketplace, for possible investment considerations.
  • 03

    Become a Network Partner

    To support in promoting our ventures platform across to your pool of investment network
  • 04

    Global Ventures

    We are open to working with international venture builders as local enablers in sourcing and supporting innovative startups across East Africa