Facilitating Sustainable Investment in Digital Economy

Ennovate Ventures is pioneering sustainable early stage investment for digital startups in East Africa, through its venture building fund and investment marketplace. Our goal is to support 100 early stage tech startups in East Africa by 2022 to become successful and grow beyond the African region. We achieve this by providing operational capacity building support, expert sourcing, access to market, partnership linkages and funding to the startups. Through our ventures platform, we provide investment options to investors, either to invest directly to a startup of their choice in our venture marketplace or they can choose to invest on our venture fund portfolio as we target to invest in 100 high growth startups in the next 2 years through our venture fund. With our commitment to ensuring that our investors on our venture platform are profitable, we offer investment support by providing due diligence data of each startup to the investor to support their investment decisions.

About the Ennovate Venture Fund

After years of supporting tech startups in Africa through ennovate hub’s incubation program, we have since noticed venture development gaps that has consistently hindered the growth of most innovative and disruptive startups from moving from proof of concept to growth stage. Startups go through quality programs to improve their business ideas and proof business concept, but then they lack operational capacity to build a successful and scalable venture with high growth potentials. This has led us to designing a venture building fund that is targeting early stage tech startups that is combining both social and economic impact in East Africa. The 5 million dollars fund will be used to support startups in business process optimization, technology improvement, expert sourcing and talent development to improve team capacity, facilitate market linkages and corporate partnerships and offer bridging funds to help them transform into successful and sustainable ventures.

Ennovate Ventures Solutions:

Ennovate Venture Fund

Ennovate Ventures is launching venture building fund portfolio that seeks to support and invest in 100 tech startups across East Africa by 2022. The venture fund will be used to scale up proof-of-concept startups that has focus for both social and economic impact in the Africa market. The 5 million dollars early stage venture building fund will be used to support startups with business process optimization, expert talent sourcing, access to market, technology improvement and close funding gaps, to enable the startups become successful and grow sustainably into new markets beyond the region. Investors may request for our ventures fund pitch deck for investment consideration.

Investment Marketplace

Early stage investors will have access to high growth startups through our investment marketplace. We source for high potential startups across East Africa, carry out investment-worthiness due diligence on them and upload them to our ventures platform. Investors can scan through startups on our platform and can request for due diligence report for any startup they are interested to invest in. This will make their investment decision easier and more convenient. We also provide post –investment venture building support to the startups on agreed terms with the investor.

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